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Why Choose Komodo Cloud


Komodo Cloud works with clients as they evaluate and navigate the ever expanding set of choices for moving to the cloud—for the dual purposes of increasing their IT systems responsiveness to their market needs, and for cost containment/optimization. Cloud computing is really about IT delivery that keeps business-critical applications up and running, no matter where the data and compute power resides.


Komodo brings together subscription services, professional consulting and disaster recovery consulting for their clients. We connect the best Cloud Platform companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink, Rackspace and Faction to our clients for on-site, co-located and/or hybrid compute environments. We help to navigate through problems affecting business alignment, data security/governance, business continuity, migration, storage and disaster recovery for our clients. As we like to say at Komodo Cloud, we “Bridge the IT Gap”


Komodo Cloud likes to say about itself that its business was ‘born in the cloud’ and has built its operating and economic models from its inception, ‘as-a-service’. Being born in the cloud we are optimized to rapidly grow your solution as you expand your business.

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