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Backup and



System and data protection is one of the most critical IT services that organizations require and depend on, especially during a crisis, loss of IT systems and/or data. Unfortunately, many organizations discover too late that their system recovery efforts are insufficient. This is typically not created from one single point of failure or backup. System protection is often an underfunded budget item, technically difficult to maintain, understaffed, and usually not the most attractive assignment within IT organizations.​

KOMODOSAFE vPROTECT is a subscription-based managed service offering built from the award winning Veeam software solution stack. Komodo vProtect is available to customers with either on-premise or cloud-based virtual systems.

Rapid recovery of what you want the way you want it - KomodoSafe vProtect allows you to quickly recover the data needed to enable RTOs of < 15 minutes with tools like Instant VM Recovery™, Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, and SQL Server, KomodoSafe can also protect your Office 365 tenant.

Assured recovery – With KomodoSafe vProtect you are assured that every file, application and virtual server, can be reliably restored when needed. When coupled with Komodo Clouds BCDR service offering, customers can now verify their readiness with confidence through DR testing and failover.
Proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact – Komodo Cloud provides monitoring, alerting and operational support through intuitive analytical tools and dashboards so that you can be alerted of and identify issues before they have a significant impact.


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